Support Toolkit 1.0.0 released

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Support Toolkit 1.0.0 released

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

We are proud to announce the availability of the first stable release of the Support Toolkit. This release fixes a number of bugs and contains two changes in the feature set.

Update notes:
When updating from RC3 please make sure that you delete the old STK folder from your server before uploading the new version.

feature set changes:
  • The STK now ships with a tool that allows you to repopulate the moderators cache table.
  • Due to large memory issues the "URL List tool" has been removed from the STK.
Full changelog:
  • [Fix] Corrected some language related issues. (Bug #53725, #53835, #53845, #56865, #57815)
  • [Fix] Display the correct "old" version number when triggering the outdated message after a STK update due to cached information.
  • [Fix] Allow the use of a non default language pack. (Bug #54785)
  • [Fix] Database cleaner removes non phpBB related tables. (Bug #55355)
  • [Fix] Users added to the "Newly Registered Users Group" won't be automatically removed. (Bug #55695)
  • [Fix] STK shouldn't remove "old" config entries for backwards compatibility. (Bug #55375)
  • [Fix] Database cleaner removes feed related items from the database. (Bug #54765)
  • [Fix] Reparse BBCode empties some posts. (Bug #55765, patch by D¡cky)
  • [Fix] Database cleaner removes the Q/A captcha tables. (Bug #56605)
  • [Fix] Correct error when attempting to remove groups. (Bug #56065)
  • [Fix] SQL error on attempting to replace previously removed default bots. (Bug #56065)
  • [Fix] Rename user_group section to usergroup to avoid triggering mod_security. (Bug #48225)
  • [Fix] Select the "registered users" group as default in the Add user tool.
  • [Fix] Reparse BBCode encodes some previously encoded entities. (Bug #56885, patch by D¡cky)
  • [Fix] "Database Cleaner" doesn't work with PostgreSQL. (Bug #56565, patch by we3b)
  • [Fix] Reparse BBCode does not properly handle UTF8 on PHP4. (Bug #56885, patch by D¡cky)
  • [Fix] Reparse BBCode breaks link between posts and atachments. (Bug #57325)
  • [Fix] Multiple runs of the BBCode reparser would break posts. (Bug #57245)
  • [Fix] BBCode sets all topic first posters to "Guest".
If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

As always, assistance with installation, updating or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available in the Support Forum. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team

You may discuss this announcement in the [Discuss] Support Toolkit 1.0.0 released topic.
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