phpBB 2.0.x and PHP 5

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Stefan Koopmanschap
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phpBB 2.0.x and PHP 5

Post by Stefan Koopmanschap »

With the recent release of the official version of PHP 5, people and hosts may be switching to the latest PHP version. At this moment, the phpBB Team does not officially support running phpBB on PHP 5, as phpBB2.0.x was not written with PHP 5 in mind. However, many users have reported using it sucessfully on PHP 5 having made a configuration change in PHP to enable support for the deprecated HTTP_*_VARS arrays which is turned off by default in new PHP 5 installations. The relevant configuration option is register_long_arrays and it is decribed in the PHP Manual. phpBB 2.0.x makes use of these arrays in order to maintain backwards compatibility with PHP 3.x and early versions of PHP 4.x which is part of the original specification.

For this reason we do not support PHP 5 as platform for phpBB. It has been reported working, so you can try it. It's a risk you will be taking though.

phpBB 2.2.x will have a miminum requirement of PHP 4.1.0 and so will not require this configuration change to be made.

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