Users/Group DB migration (without Portal XL)

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Users/Group DB migration (without Portal XL)

Post by NazTheEternal »

This is more of a "how to.." more than a problem I caused.

I have a board set up with phpBB 3.0.8 + Portal XL Premodded and I am setting up a new forum with phpBB 3.0.8. (going to update this as soon as I can move the DB)

My question is how do I transfer the members/groups + permissions from the old to the new DB without all the Portal XL premod DB data?

I want to keep both the forums up, but just dont want my members to go through the trouble of creating new accounts on the new forum

Any tips or help is appreciated
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Re: Users/Group DB migration (without Portal XL)

Post by Oyabun1 »

Depending on the changes Portal XL makes to the database you could probably copy the whole database over, download and install the Support Toolkit and then run the Database Cleaner tool which will remove any tables that are not in a standard phpBB installation.
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