phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

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Re: phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

Post by yuritenshi » Wed May 02, 2012 3:06 am

If a lot of people are having issues because they are not setting it up properly, that would seem to imply that good documentation and user-friendliness is absent. It's a simple fact that few people read documentation, especially extremely poor documentation, blaming them for not doing it, when likely nobody else has done it is simply ignoring the problem.

Critical issues should be addressed while the user's attention is present. Since spam protection is critical for both the owner of the board and for the reputation of the software, either it needs to be setup to work out of the box and work 99% of the time or the user should be prompted to set it up with helpful instructions before the board is usable.

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Re: phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

Post by /a3 » Wed May 02, 2012 8:00 am

Son of a Beach wrote:Q&A Captcha could be configured as the default for new installs, and the install procedure could make it compulsory to either change the Captcha to something else (with relevant warnings) or to supply at least X number of Q&A Captcha questions and answers.
Supplying question/answer combinations by default would be completely useless. XRumer, an evil forum spamming program, includes a file called textcaptcha.txt which includes > 2000 question/answer combinations. Any default question/answer combinations would immediately be added to this file. I'm sure other spamming software would have a similar way of doing this.

I do agree that the Q&A CAPTCHA and advice on how to prevent spam should be prevented in the documentation, and perhaps maybe even mentioned on installation.
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Re: phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

Post by Son of a Beach » Wed May 02, 2012 11:14 am

It seems you misunderstood me. My suggestion was that the installer should have Q&A on by default and should force the USER to supply their own questions and answers during installation (and give them the option of choosing some other captcha if coming up with original questions is too hard).

Q&A is recommended. It should also be the default. The only way to make it default is to force the user to set it up properly at install time.

Obviously, having default questions/answer combinations is a stupid idea, and that's not what I was suggesting.

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Re: phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

Post by stevemaury » Wed May 02, 2012 4:40 pm ... 08&t=42745

As there is an RFC there, and that is where this spam issue should be discussed, I am going to close this topic. Anyone who feels aggrieved to the extent they wish to continue to discuss the OP's original premise may start another topic quoting as much of this topic as desired, but please do not resurrect this topic's discussion of spam prevention. The topic above is where it goes, thanks.
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Re: phpBB is a very bad choice for forum

Post by Marshalrusty » Wed May 02, 2012 4:40 pm

Mandatory fields during the installation process should be limited to what is absolutely required to get the board running. Strictly speaking, this is not currently the case and needs to change. An RFC and ticket have been filed for this issue and further discussion should take place there to avoid duplication.

[RFC] Q&A plugin by default
[PHPBB3-10862] Make Q&A the default spam countermeasure...]
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