Questions regarding convertion from 2 to 3

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Questions regarding convertion from 2 to 3

Post by clinton4 »


I got some questions regarding convertion from phpBB 2 to 3.

1. I have some public and some private forums. Will the private forums stay private after convertion?

2. I have setup some groups that have access to certain private forums, will the groups, their members and their rights be converted?

3. Is there a tool the i can download and install on my computer, that will preform the convertion of my phpBB 2 sql dump to a phpBB 3 sql dump?

Thanks in advance ;)
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Re: Questions regarding convertion from 2 to 3

Post by KevC »

1 and 2 yes.

You can set up the whole 2x and 3x installations on your own PC and run the conversion there.
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