Is this a consideration when deciding which MODs to install?

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Re: Is this a consideration when deciding which MODs to inst

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battye wrote:How important to you is the number of file edits a MOD requires when choosing which MODs to install? Are you more likely to install MODs with fewer required file changes or does it make no difference? Why is this the case? Do things like using AutoMOD, learning PHP from observing edits in MODs, future upgrade implications, etc, factor into the decision process?
Today, the number of file edits for me is important once the quantity of edits gets by "some arbitrary number" (which typically is not to many) where my laziness takes control and says "no, it's too many edits and will take too long". Also, a biggie for me is if the mod replaces any core code. That sucks for future auto-upgrades. If the mod just adds code, that is fine, but replacements are a deal breaker.

In the past, the quantity of edits didn't matter to me, as I was anxious to learn phpbb code and style, so I was installing some mods because I was interested in how the mod was put together moreso than the actual function of the mod. The repercussions were future upgrades were very challenging to work through. Every beginner to phpbb should install a mod like Custom Pages Mod for example where it teaches you the different files to use for the phpbb "system", then maybe include their new page into who's online. Great learning tools, some mods are.

In the future though, the quantity of edits will become more and more a factor for me. Like others have said, time is limited, which makes it expensive, so editing is almost becoming a turn off for me and can discourage me from installing a feature I would like to have (as compared to need to haves). When I first installed Gallery 2 (photo gallery software), I was really impressed with their plugin system and thought it was the way to go; so easy and convenient.
Further, recently I just re-discovered Joomla 2.5.4, and their Extension system now is pretty damn slick and could be paralleled within phpbb3 maybe? Very easy, quick and so convenient to the user. The only negative with their extensions system is that when uninstalling an extension, it doesn't yank the database changes (which may be dangerous anyway?). Anyway, definitely the way to go...

It sure would be cool to have phpbb merge with joomla or drupal... :)
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Re: Is this a consideration when deciding which MODs to inst

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for me it doesn't matter...but it is easier to uninstall if there are few edits

what matters is the function of the MOD.
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Re: Is this a consideration when deciding which MODs to inst

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I don't mind mods with much edits, i don't like mods that replace core code because thats asking for problems if you need the function afterwards for a other mod....
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