Custom BBCode Database Policies

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Custom BBCode Database Policies

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When submitting a BBCode to the database, please keep the following topics in mind:

Security #
Any BBCode that lowers the security of a user's board will not be approved. If the user receives a warning while creating the BBCode, it will not be accepted. Use the most restrictive tokens that you can without losing functionality.

Externally hosted scripts #
Requiring externally hosted JavaScript is not encouraged. If your BBCode requires a JavaScript library to function, it is best to tell the user where to download it and how to add a line to their header to include the script. We will allow JavaScript to be externally included if the library's site permits hotlinking or has it hosted on a CDN. JavaScript hosted on the BBCode author's own website will not be allowed.

If you need to provide an external file, use the upload feature on the submission page.

Alternate versions #
There are times when multiple versions of a BBCode may be needed. For example, you could provide a BBCode that takes a YouTube video ID or the full URL. To indicate that you are submitting an alternate version, place the text "[ALT]" in the Revision Version field. These will be listed at the bottom of the contribution page in the Revisions section. You should indicate at the end of your contribution's description that multiple versions are available so that users know to look for them.

If you would like to submit an alternative version for an existing BBCode, please contact a Support Team member to be added to the contribution's co-author's list so that you can submit it.

Prerequisite BBCodes #
If your BBCode requires helper BBCodes to be created (i.e. [tr] and [td] for tables), those BBCodes should be added as revisions with "[REQ]" listed in the Revision Version field. These should be listed at the bottom of the contribution's description as prerequisites for the BBCode to work.

Demo #
BBCode contributions allow you to enter an example usage of your BBCode to be rendered live. BBCodes that require external JavaScript libraries will not be allowed in the demo. The exception is if it needs jQuery, which we are already running here on If it will work with jQuery 1.7.2 (as of writing this), then it will be approved. If your BBCode cannot be shown in the demo because it uses JavaScript or requires other BBCodes to work, then please submit a screenshot instead.

Modifications to templates #
File edits are generally discouraged as that moves into MOD territory. The only exception is if it is a SINGLE edit to a template's overall_header.html file to include JavaScript or CSS. It can require multiple lines, but there should only be one place where changes are being made. ANY other edits will cause the contribution to be denied. You can use the FAQ section of your contribution's discussion area to provide alternative ways to include the JS/CSS/etc.

Empty Submissions #
Submissions made without any revisions will be deleted after 30 days.

License #
By submitting the contribution, you agree to have your contribution released under the CC BY 3.0 with public performance attribution waived. Your contribution description should not mention any licensing restrictions contrary to this, nor should your contribution fail to work without attribution.
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