[BETA] Rules Title Changer

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Re: [BETA] Rules Title Changer

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mh5bl wrote:This addin works but I have modified it as I'm using it with Styles 'subsilver2' and those files where not modified when installed. I changing it so that the "Link to forum rules:" HTTP file will work and also the CSS styles for the text on the custom title is the some
Adding this code in the 2 files viewtopic_body.html and viewforum_body.html line 3

Hope this help someone else and thanks pertneer
Thanks for the help with the subsilver2 changes. I added them to the repository giving you credit for the changes in the installer file and updated it to version 0.0.5. This also fixed an installer issue that I noticed while checking compatibility with PhpBB version 3.0.12.
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