[Release] Platinum (phpBB 3.0.12)

For style authors to post and receive feedback on 3.0.x styles still in development. Any development styles you wish to use on your live board should be installed with caution!
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Re: [Release] Platinum (phpBB 3.0.11)

Post by jrolson » Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:00 pm

RMcGirr83 wrote:
RMcGirr83 wrote:Is there some reason as to why you aren't using template inherits from prosilver?
A couple reasons for this,

1. For people who dont use/have prosilver installed anymore.
2. There's HTML edits in the template files that would go missing if I inherited from prosilver.

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Re: [Release] Platinum (phpBB 3.0.12)

Post by phorum.ws » Wed Nov 05, 2014 3:15 am

PLEASE CONTINUE with FEATURE UPDATES & phpBB v3.1 Updates in near future = THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HATERS WHEN U CREATE A POPULAR & COOL THEME LIKE THIS - Sharing is part of Open-Source Development, pay no mind mate & keep writing code, features & updates - maybe asking for certain code from another Author would be the way to go in future, but my 1st theme I would have assumed the same, pls don't take it to heart buddy & KEEP UR HEAD UP (& THEME DEVELOPMENT too) - One of the Best ProSilver 3.0.12 Themes I've come across searching for a theme replacement since my host updraded PHP from my hand updated customized themes, saves me the hand coding needed to get it to version 3.0.12 for now, and I have a New Forum i've been looking for the perfect theme, so PLEASE keep development up!
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Re: [Release] Platinum (phpBB 3.0.12)

Post by Mess » Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:54 am

My ears.... :o


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