Administration Panel links lead to index

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Administration Panel links lead to index

Post by Mandeekins »

Hi there. I recently just installed phpBB into my domain, and I was originally planning on making two friends of mine fellow administrators.

However, when I get to the admin panel in the left hand frame, and click a link, it does not go to the page it says it would. All links lead to the index of the forum. Because of this, I can't do anything to make my board unique--I can't add admins or moderators, I can't edit the title and small description of the board, can not edit the styles, ect.

What is wrong and how can I fix this?
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Post by safeTsurfa »

Have you checked your cookies are working so it is getting a current sessiom_id for you? One reason this happens is where it does not recognise the member accessing the area as the board admin (for example if you are idle for a period and your session ends while still in the ACP - meaning you are logged out mid-access).
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