Do you really need an ACP Module?

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Re: Do you really need an ACP Module?

Post by leschek »

I agree with previous poster (Dave).
I kind of don't need to see the setting button, when I already changed settings. And I prefer to have all settings in one place, so I know that when I install extension I find its setting on Extensions tab.
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Re: Do you really need an ACP Module?

Post by marcovo »

I too agree with D@ve here. As the ACP is mostly the place to be for settings, it seems odd that there are settings floating around somewhere outside the ACP, which won't be the first place you'll be looking for those settings.
It does add some nice quick-access feature, but how often would one want to change the settings? I guess not very frequently.

I think it's great to see such ideas, different from the 'standard', but it might not be very practical...
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Re: Do you really need an ACP Module?

Post by djorlando »

I hate ACP settings. Your idea is great.I want to do something similar with my extension, the only difference it will be that i want to have the settings inserted inside index_body.html page. Now i'm confused with the extension's defined path ( will i still need one ? ) .Please see my original post viewtopic.php?f=461&t=2292991 .Thank you and great extension btw.
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Re: Do you really need an ACP Module?

Post by SirLouen »

Good idea except when not using prosilver theme... Where are supposed to be the buttons?
If I had the docs (ext vars) I could design some type of menu for this purpose with other themes.
I'm currently using Flatboots and when i go into /news section there is onyl:
No more buttons :-(
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