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Markcown to BBCode Converter

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I'm still stuck with my idea of migrating from Vanilla v2.1.x to phpBB v3.1.x because both conversion options are not working as supposed to, but it just came to my mind that I'm facing another problem:

My Vanilla community is using Markdown as interpreter, which means even if I manage to successfully migrate the forum to phpBB, I'd still need to find a way to convert all the Markdown markup to BBCode.

There are several converter solutions available on github, the one recently updated being feralhosting/markdown-to-bbcode.

Even I not being a programmer can see that it's not that complicated, if one is fluent in regex magic (and I'm not), but it does not help to have a converter where you have to put in text manually in a text entry box to get the converted result. I guess the solution would be to let a converter script process the the whole SQL file as exported from the Vanilla forum using phpMyAdmin. Would this work?

Or does anybody have a different idea or even solution?

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