918 Emoticons

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918 Emoticons

Post by Styles Robot »

Style name: 918 Emoticons
Author: aiwebs
Style description: Heres a set of 918 emoticons, ever combination possible from the emo-machine i made once apon a time.

Download File: 918 phpBB Emoticons.zip
Style version: 1.0
Tested on phpBB version: 3.0.0

Download file: 918 phpBB Emotic.zip
File size: 368.38 KiB

Style overview page: View

The phpBB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this Style. By installing this Style, you acknowledge that the phpBB Support Team or phpBB Style Customisations Team may not be able to provide support.

-->Style support<--
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Post by lilirose »

Hey, I downloaded these smilies and unzipped them onto my home PC in order to look at them, and now I can't delete them- no matter how many times I try to change the "read only" attribute of the folder, it switches back to "read only" mode the instant I click "Apply". Any chance you can tell me how to get rid of them?
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Post by niksa »

Wow, this is huge. I think my users will be overwhelmed. :wink: I've only seen a few dozen so far, but they all look great and match each other well. Cool stuff. :)
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Post by unifiedjedi »

I'm having trouble installing this, where is the .pak file? Any help is greatly appreciated
Unified Jedi
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The Nic
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Post by The Nic »

Yea no pac file?
The Nic
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Post by Boombastick »

love them! They must have taken you so long! Theres so many :|
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Post by Xamence »

Very nice! Well done aiwebs!
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Post by Arissa »

I am new here.
I would like to download template for my forum this style, but their web site does not work anymore. If smb can say me, where I can get it from other place.
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Post by jeffrosproto »

I didn't like this much, it just seems repetivative. Mabye if you could make pak files..... :cry:
skuld the great
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Post by skuld the great »

I'm making one, wont be long :)
skuld the great
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Post by skuld the great »

http://dev.vonnoodle.com/918.pak, there, hope it works, i havent tested it but it should, you'll need to put all the smilies and the pak in one deirectory for it to work, sorry but i am not editting about 3000 numbers by hand 8O
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Post by Sg.Soul »

Very Nice!
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Post by lizramsey »

To uninstall a read only file, try this trick: Kelly's Korner #135 Clear Read Only Attributes Download it and it installs on your right click mouse feature. What you do then is right click, clear it and then right click again and rename it RIGHT THEN! Then delete it.

If that does not work, there is another called MoveOnBoot That also installs on your mouse and does basically the same thing but you have to reboot for the file to be gone. IT works. Liz[/url]
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Post by mwx »

does anyone have the pak file. that site is down
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Re: 918 Emoticons [aiwebs]

Post by xelloss »

Is there aiwebs smiles avilable anywhere?
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