Integrate phpBB avatars with SVG Avatars (wordpress)

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Integrate phpBB avatars with SVG Avatars (wordpress)

Post by CraftyMc »

Hey all, Looking for some help to integrate this plugin ... in/6663366 with phpBB, I have been told that it stores the data tot he database but how can I make phpBB use this data?


Basically there is no integration with phpBB.

But as a result of UserPro integration the $meta_key “profilepicture” with corresponding $user_id and link to an avatar will be stored in your database via WP function “update_user_meta”. If your phpBB can get “profilepicture” data from DB I think you can use it.

Regards, Dee
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Re: Integrate phpBB avatars with SVG Avatars (wordpress)

Post by mastubbs »

Hi CraftyMc,

Did you ever get this working? I found your thread on codecanyon - I'm trying to do exactly the same thing as you were (also using WP, UserPro and bridgeDD). Fingers crossed you can help.



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