Exact phrase searching in 3.0.x

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Re: Exact phrase searching in 3.0.x

Post by davidbutler »

Lumpy Burgertushie wrote:...it did not actually search the exact phrase. it searched for each word in the phrase and brought you back the post with all of those words...
Actually it did search for and return only those posts that include the 'exact phrase'. To prove that, just remove the quotes and you'll get a bunch more results.

As I previously noted, the highlighting part is broken for quoted phrase searches. That's what I consider an annoyance bug, since only those posts with the quoted phrase are included in the results.

BTW, I used the wrong short link in my previous post... here's the correct one: http://bit.ly/2d7s6td
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Re: Exact phrase searching in 3.0.x

Post by AmigoJack »

Lumpy: phpBB does distinguish between keywords and phrases. The highlighting is not bound to the actual search results:
AmigoJack wrote:The highlighting in those displayed posts however is flawed - this is a technical limitation. You can test this if you just search with your internet browser thru the following search results and you'll always find at least one occurance of what you searched for - unbound to what is highlighted. Examples:
  1. Phrase "Dunkin Donuts" only
  2. Phrase "exact phrase search" only
  3. Phrase "exact phrase search" plus keyword Donuts only
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