Does anyone know how i can add these things?

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Does anyone know how i can add these things?

Post by dannyd5 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:51 pm

Are any of the following things available as extensions or possible to add with code?

1) Fake user creator (There is this old mod but i need an extension):


2) In ACP > Users And Groups is there any way to modify Manage Users > Find a member list to include members Email Address and IP Address?

3) Is it possible to modify the Edit profile page to include other social networks like Pinterest etc? and then list info on the profile page?

4) Is there any way to have proper RSS feeds for the forum and all boards?

I have feed.php but according to "This feed does not validate".

5) A website speed checker suggests i "Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources" and lists various css and js files etc. How can i apply browser caching to certain files?

I used this website to check my site:

it also suggests to Minimize redirects, Enable Keep-Alive and Defer parsing of JavaScript, is these possible?

I haven't even setup any redirects as far as i know.

6) Do i need a Robots.txt and if yes how do i add one?

7) I use a extension called SEO URLs but is there anything better for clean readable and SEO friendly URLs?


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