adding bbcode to link to us module on board3 portal

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adding bbcode to link to us module on board3 portal

Post by Austeyr » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:36 am

It would be nice to have the link to us show different linking options. i edited the code so now it shows bbcode linking but i can't work out how to get it to show a normal link at the same time.

My edit looks like this

Img Host : Post Image

Here's the code i used to show bbcode, Don't judge it's dirty i know.

Code: Select all

// Assign specific vars
	'LINK_US_TXT'		=> sprintf($this->user->lang['LINK_US_TXT'], $this->config['sitename']),
	'U_LINK_US'		=> '[url=' . $u_link . ']' .(($this->config['sitename']) ? $this->config['sitename'] : $u_link ) . '[/url]',
           return 'link_us_side.html';
But i really want it to look like below picture.

img host : Postimage

Can anyone Please & Thank You, make this a mod or even just add it as a feature in the portal itself.

Cheers guys.
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