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Email MOD request

Post by chuckD »

First off, I apologize if I am not posting this in the proper location or not following the correct format. I have searched these forums high and low and cant seem to find what I need.

There was a MOD available for 3.0.x forums called ACP email list that was exactly what I needed. Unfortunatly it seems to have been abandoned and I cant find anything like it. It was basically a MOD that would enable me to export an email list of all the members of my board. I realize that most development is moving towards 3.1.x Extensions, and there is an extension available for just this purpose. Unfortunately, extensions dont work in 3.0. and I dont want to update to 3.1 because my current MODs would be lost. Can anyone think of a MOD that would work for me or does anyone have access to the ACP Email List MOD. Or, can I request the creation of a MOD with this capability. Again I apologize if this is not the correct forum or process for these kinds of requests.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Email MOD request

Post by KevC »

MOD requests closed a long time ago.
You don't need one though. You can export an email list from the database.

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Re: Email MOD request

Post by stevemaury »

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SELECT username, user_email FROM phpbb_users WHERE user_type <> 2;
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