registering and spamming bots

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registering and spamming bots

Post by erfg1 »

I made a custom login file something-register.php and changed the "register" link to that file.

Here are the anti-bot measures I have taken:
- A honeypot of hidden inputs to check if filled in to stop the registration.
- Implemented the new Google recaptcha v2 invisible code.
- 5 blacklist service checks.
- Check for modified headers.

Still either bots were registering or just users registering fake accounts to spam the board. At least 1 new account every hour + 1 spam post. After removing the "register" link from the main nav menu and just putting it in the "login" page (a link that says "register for a new account" beneath the login button) all the spam bots stopped registering.

Is that the key to getting these things to stop? Why does that work, but no other counter measures?
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Re: registering and spamming bots

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the register system that comes with phpbb works just fine and if you use the built in Q&A with a question that can not be guessed or googled for the answer, it will block usually 100% of the spam bots.

probably the system you created simply is not as secure as the one built in to phpbb.

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