Smilies .pak file formatting

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Smilies .pak file formatting

Post by theshadow013 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:42 pm

Hey everyone. I am attempting to create a custom smilie pack for a forum I'm helping to host. However, I cannot seem to figure out why the .pak file is invalid.

I copied the format of an existing one that works, exactly, but the file keeps giving me the error message:

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The specified package does not contain the appropriate data.
Here's a fes example lines from my .pak file. Can someone shed light on what's going on? Is it an encoding issue or something? I'm editing the file using a text editor so that shouldn't be an issue. The images have been uploaded to my images/smilies folder and the .pak file is being uploaded to that location as well.

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'apple_icon32.png', '32', '32', '1', 'apple', ':apple:',
'arrow_icon32.png', '32', '32', '1', 'arrow', ':arrow:',
'awkwardpotion_icon32.png', '32', '32', '0', 'awkwardpotion', ':awkwardpotion:',

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Re: Smilies .pak file formatting

Post by kinerity » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:55 pm

Those lines look correct. Can you post the entire file please?
Kailey Truscott - Community Team

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