Merry Christmas ... and an update on 2.2

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Merry Christmas ... and an update on 2.2

Post by psoTFX »

Merry Christmas everyone ... and for those who require a more "PC" approach, Happy Holidays.

This year should've seen the release of 2.2.0 ... unfortunately our personal lives intervened and prevented that. For that I appologise. But I will give you a quick update before I rush off for a mince pie and check the position of Santa.

All being well (and time being available) we plan on having Beta-1 ready to fly by late January to early February. Now, this may mean some things we wanted in 2.2 will not make it. I can't say at this time just what those features may be since I've yet to sign off on the "final feature" list. There is no set beta cycle time, it will depend on you our userbase. The quicker you find bugs, report them and help us by responding to questions, etc. the faster we can complete the cycle. I intend their to be three beta's, so we'll release according to "that" schedule.

We intend performing (again with any help our community can offer) a security audit of the code before we begin the release candidate cycle. While some may suggest phpBB suffered a great many security issues I personally think we faired "pretty well" given the age of the code. However preventing another highlighting style exploit is a must, or as best as we can possibly achieve.

During the beta cycle we will not add any additional features, we may however tweak those that do exist. We will however keep the permission and styling system (two of the most "complex" and difficult areas to "get right") fluid. That is we will listen to user feedback and attempt to take on-board any significant issues before release.

There is no fixed release date, so please don't ask :) We will start supporting, in a limited fashion (please note that word ... "limited") 2.2 with the first beta. As RC1 becomes available that level of support will increase. We will do all we can to ensure a beta-1 board can be easily updated through to the final release.

Right, well, here's to next year ... and here's hoping it's better for all of us than this year.

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