[3.2][BETA] Overall Page Blocks (helper ext)

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[3.2][BETA] Overall Page Blocks (helper ext)

Post by martti » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:43 pm

Extension Name: Overall Page Blocks (helper ext)
Author: martti
Extension Description:

This phpBB extension provides configurable template inserts for other extensions on these template event locations:
  • overall_header_navbar_before
  • overall_header_page_body_before
  • overall_footer_page_body_after
The priority of the inserts can be configured for each template event location.

Extension Version: 0.2.0
  • phpBB 3.2.5+
  • PHP 7.1+
Extension Download: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... master.zip The files are to be put into ext/marttiphpbb/overallpageblocks
Github repository: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... pageblocks
Languages: en
Templates: Prosilver (and all with same template events)
How To Use (for Extension Developers): See the Calendar Inline View extension for an example

The example shows the Calendar Inline View extension rendering two "overall page blocks" and that they can be configured to render in any order.

The "months" bar indicator first:


The "days and events" bar first:


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