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Extension Customisations
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[3.2][DEV] Groups++

Post by Senky »

This is rather a very specific extension with predefined features, but I will publish this for free so if you see a potential in it, you are free to use it.

Extension name: Groups++
Extension description: Allows admin to instantly create a group, forum with the same name and only users within that group can see the forum. It also adds a special page where users can subscribe or unsubscribe from those groups and a special page where users can see a list of topics from groups they are member of.
Extension repo: https://github.com/senky/phpbb-ext-groupspp

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Re: [3.2][DEV] Groups++

Post by Toxyy »

This sounds remarkably similar to old vbulletin 3 groups, I think it may have been a plugin, but it was one of the wanted features from a client wanting to convert over from vb. Good job senky :)
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Re: [3.2][DEV] Groups++

Post by Mohus »

Here is a quick video preview

This extension is very useful for large forums with many sections and gives the user the power to see topics of their choice.

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Re: [3.2][DEV] Groups++

Post by Elias »

Mohus wrote:
Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:10 pm
Thanks for sharing!
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Re: [3.2][DEV] Groups++

Post by ViolaF »

thanx 4 this Ext.. :) :geek:

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