[3.2][BETA] Sticky Ad (for ebay/amazon/other supported links found in posts)

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[3.2][BETA] Sticky Ad (for ebay/amazon/other supported links found in posts)

Post by Toxyy »

Extension Name: Sticky Ad
Author: Toxyy

Extension Description: Parses the page's posts to see if there are any ebay/amazon/alibaba (and other supported) item links, and if so it shows them in a responsive sticky ad box. Meant to be used in conjunction with an existing script on your forum that auto changes ebay/amazon/alibaba links with your own monetized ones. If not then there's really no point in installing this.

Priority of ads: ebay > amazon > alibaba > aliexpress

Extension FAQ:
How does it work?
- I parse all posts to see if there are any ad links, and if so I get a partial mobile version of the site and cache the ad's data for 7 days. If a cache already exists I simply pull the ad info from that.

If you are having problems with the collapsing button and need to enable a jquery version of it, change STICKYAD_JAVASCRIPT to true at the bottom of listener.php

You're welcome to customize the css file, I didn't really clean that up at all.

As this was special ordered, I likely won't be adding ACP support for these unless a lot of people start using this, but I made it relatively easy to add it for yourself.

Extension Version: 1.0.2

Extension Download: Download

Github Repository: https://github.com/toxyy/stickyad/

  • phpBB 3.2.5-RC1+
  • PHP 7+ (probably works on php 5 though)
  • Supports ebay/amazon/alibaba links

    (it's behind the page up button, if your site has one, for compatibility)

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Re: [3.2][BETA] Sticky Ad (for ebay/amazon/other supported links found in posts)

Post by olalavui »

I think not good if is a affiliate forum :D
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