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A favour ...

Post by psoTFX » Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:06 pm

Over the past two or three months I've started receiving an increasing number of private messages and emails from the community. These messages are typically of the "Please help!" variety. Please, everyone, do not PM myself or indeed any team member asking for help (unless they've told you to), and certainly do not email. Just because myself or others post an announcement does not mean you should PM the poster.

I have very little spare time at present. Every PM I receive and read is another minute plus of that time used. The exception here are lang pack maintainers. And for that please ensure you read my last announcement for further information

For support style questions we have a dedicated forum, please use it. I will not answer questions as to the release date of 2.2.0. Everything I've got to say there I've stated in relevant announcements (or even my blog). I do not offer coding assistance for other projects, nor do I offer services for installing, etc. (no team members here do).

All relevant information on security fixes are contained in appropriate announcements. You'll receive no extra information from myself or the rest of the teams, because generally there isn't any. The old response here remains golden, upgrade to the most recent release of phpBB. If you have questions on that first read the announcements and readme's included in the archives ... only then consider posting to the support forum.


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