How to download a pdf file

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How to download a pdf file

Post by muntchin »

Hello ,
I need some help to know what i have to do to allow users to download a pdf file i uploaded and which is in a forum .
Users are unable to dowload the file and they can see a message saying " You are not allowed to download the file "
I hope that you understand what i say because english is not my mother tongue .....i am spanish

Thank you in advance

My bets regards
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Re: How to download a pdf file

Post by warmweer » ... ns_manual/ (linked to 3.2 because the image isn't visible in 3.3)

The permission to download files is what you're looking for.
If the permission result isn't what you extencted/hoped for, the use the Permission mask/trace to get a clear overview of the settings which define the total permission.
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Re: How to download a pdf file

Post by stevemaury »

Is this pdf file an attachment to a post?
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