phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

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phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

Post by 3Di »

Somebody to replicate this style (to phpBB 3.3.x) for the 20th anniversary of phpBB? Which is coming very soon. :)

The history of phpBB: viewtopic.php?p=135543#p135543

Note that's phpBB 1.2.0-pre1.

If you need the original 1.0 package (on 2000-12-31):
Direct d/l: ... z/download

Or go here (see at the very bottom of that page)

2020-07-16 21_47_16-unknown.png (immagine PNG, 1844 × 687 pixel).png
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Re: phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

Post by canam800er »

I've created a similar style, name is phpBB Retro, is not 100% like the original, but it resembles the org.
Download: ... f=49&t=437
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Re: phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

Post by orynider »

Hi all,

I downloaded the pack and is not installing on Wamp, and after some edits here and there I could install it to see the style and save HTML files, and make some SVG images based on this for now. If I port more files to PHP5+ with MySQL(i) then I make a patch on a branch with.
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Re: phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

Post by eeji »

I considered doing this a while back but couldn't get phpBB1 installed because it's so old :lol: Does anyone know what the maximum requirements are so I can try to get it running?
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Re: phpBB 1 - 20th anniversary - style replica

Post by Forex Station »

Very cool theme. Thanks for making it :)
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