HTML-entities to UTF-8 ?

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HTML-entities to UTF-8 ?

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Hello phpBB :)

After many many years I have to move away from my old, but reliable YaBB (2.6.11). This works quite good so far with a modified converter from YaBB to SMF 2.0.15, then with the converter from juju2143 from SMF to phpBB 3.2.
Remaining issue is, that some board titles are showing &amp's and <br />, and some messages seem to contain &nbsp's. Is there some clean up or HTML-entities to UTF-8 somewhere or any other approach to clean this up?
I am quite new and still reading docs and stuff here, but it's really a lot and especially converter docs appear to be outdated in some places, so forgive me if there is an answer already to that which I haven't found so far. It's not vital as most things are absolutely fine already, but would be nice.
Also from the old board there are some [media][/media] which don't seem to be supported, maybe there is a way to fix this as well? Add this BBCode perhaps?
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Re: HTML-entities to UTF-8 ?

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A option is to remove it directly from the database ... from-value

But try it first on a testboard where you import the database from the live board and make a good backup!
Sorry! My English is bat ;) !!!

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