Login page customisation

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Cliff Evans
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Login page customisation

Post by Cliff Evans »

The ability to easily customise the login page would be a great asset. There is a great deal of real estate on the right that could be utilised for perhaps paid advertising or the like.

wasted realestate
wasted realestate
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by GanstaZ »

Can be done with an extension and doesn't suit as a core future.
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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

and that space would not likely be there on phones and even some tablets.
also it may or may not be there in styles other than prosilver
So, I think it is a good idea for an extension as well.

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Re: Login page customisation

Post by warmweer »

Frankly: why put extra stuff on a login page?
The point of a login page if for members to login, and that's precisely why they use the login page: not to be distracted by advertisements or the like.
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Onnozel Manneke
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by Onnozel Manneke »

Ads on login pages, one more reason for me NOT to register an account... Hate ads :roll:
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by php-BB-Is-Awesome »

"There are no ads on The Internet." - At least that is my policy, and I strongly enforce it with enough ad-blocking. :lol:

All jokes aside, I voted no. You want your members to be able to login effortlessly and painlessly. Lastly, should you modify your login page and something go wrong, you wouldn't be able to log back in to correct it (since the login page would be the problem). :shock: That opens the door to a world of possible problems.
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by Tastenplayer »

What else do you want to put in there? That's why it's a sure No from me.
(responsive login)

It's just a login for a few seconds ;)
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Re: Login page customisation

Post by darksideno1 »

more and more ads are reason why ad blocker is must have tool
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