IPBords 3.4.7 to phpBB stuck "missing tables"

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IPBords 3.4.7 to phpBB stuck "missing tables"

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Hey all,

I'm struggling through migration and upgrade for a customer. They're on IPBoards 3.4.7 and want to move to phpBB. Given the age and the converters written for it, I'm working with legacy stuff. So far I've downloaded and set up a clean custom install of 3.0.12 as per the installation instructions for the IPB 3.4 converter. However, once I plug in all the site info, I get a generic error:
Fatal installation error
install_convert.php [ 958 ]
Could not find these tables
» groups.
Please check your table prefix and try again.

Thing is, there's a groups table in the source database and a phpbb_groups table in the destination database. phpBB has been set up to use phpbb_ as the prefix, but they're running different databases on the same server.

Things I've tried:
- Added a "groups" table with the correct column number to the destination database.
- Tried installing phpbb3 without a prefix (won't let you)
- Restarting the conversion

Steps to reproduce:
- Browse to the install directory of the phpbb setup
- Select the IPB 3.4 converter
- Enter the source database connection details and board relative path
- Connection settings are validated successfully by the converter
- Click proceed
- Error thrown before any progress pages appear

Environment specs:
- phpBB 3.0.12 (fresh install)
- IPBoards 3.4.7
- IPB 3.4 converter by porotech (modified by Ger)
- Source database no prefix
- Destination database phpbb_ prefix

The only stand-out thing I can see is that the collation types is different in the source and destination databases. I wouldn't expect that to cause an issue, but could it? Any leads would be wonderful so I can move on to upgrading to 3.3.x.
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Re: IPBords 3.4.7 to phpBB stuck "missing tables"

Post by dclabs »

Update: Changing the collation on the destination database to match the source database did nothing. The issue persists.

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