Locking Topics

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Locking Topics

Post by marish »

For the life of me, I can't see where to lock a topic as admin (site admin), I tried making a new account and setting that as admin and still couldn't see it.
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Re: Locking Topics

Post by Mick »

Locking a topic is a moderator function, just add yourself or the new member to the moderator group and then you should be able to see the quick tools drop down, designated by a hammer, at the bottom.

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Re: Locking Topics

Post by [Dimetrodon] »

To add on to what Mick has said, by default, only the Global Moderators group has moderation powers, while being an Administrator only gives you access to Administrator functions in the ACP. That is why you are placed in both groups by default when you are the founder of a board you created. The easiest way to give yourself moderator powers back is to put yourself back in that group. Being a Administrator doesn't inherently make you a Moderator just like vice versa.

ACP > Users & Groups > Manage Groups > Global Moderators > Members > Add Users > Type your username (in this case it is "admin") in the box and press submit.
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