Upgrade from phpBB 3.2.11 to phpBB 3.3.9 error.

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Upgrade from phpBB 3.2.11 to phpBB 3.3.9 error.

Post by manigopal »

Tried to upgrade from phpBB 3.2.11 to phpBB 3.3.9 shows me error.

I followed all the steps mentioned, https://www.phpbb.com/support/docs/en/3 ... upgrade32/

I tried different methods like direct install i.e localhost/myboard/install
also with php ./bin/phpbbcli.php db:migrate --safe-mode using CLi but i get the error.

PHP Fatal error: SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]<br /><br />Field 'user_id' doesn't have a default value [1364]<br /><br />An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the <a href="mailto:admin@gmail.com">Board Administrator</a> if this problem persists. in C:\xampp\htdocs\myboard\phpbb\db\driver\driver.php on line 1023

P.s : myBoard runs with xampp php 7.0.9 for phpBB 3.2.11 & for phpBB 3.3.9 i tried with xampp php 7.3.27
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Re: Upgrade from phpBB 3.2.11 to phpBB 3.3.9 error.

Post by warmweer »

field user_id in which table?
In phpbb_users the field doesn't have a default value but it isn't needed as it's AUTOINCREMENT

Does the 3.2.11 have extensions? (in which state?).
Use the SRTto provide more info.
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Re: Upgrade from phpBB 3.2.11 to phpBB 3.3.9 error.

Post by MarkDHamill »

You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin to check the phpbb_users table and its attributes. Use the Structure tab and then select the Change action for the user_id column. If the A_I (auto increment) checkbox is not checked, check it. Then submit the form. That should fix it.

As mentioned, user_id is a foreign key in many tables so the problem may be with another table, but probably not based on your symptoms.
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