Kudos for Starlink support

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Kudos for Starlink support

Post by stevemaury »

Stephen 5/16/23
My cable (v1 round dish white modem) has been damaged by ice. Still working but getting some occasional cable errors. Is a replacement available or do I need to make one with cat 5e?

Stephen 5/17/23
My account number is ACC-xxxxxxxx-51. My device version is xxxx.xx.x. My router ID is 01000000000000000xxxxx. This is a V1 round dish system. I am having Offline issues which I believe to be hardware related, namely cable damage. As you probably are aware, cable replacement for this version is problematic. I sent an earlier ticket from the App about this, which would have more metadata on my installation, if needed. But what I would like to do is purchase a V2 dish, router and power supply to use with my current account. Can you advise me how to order this and payment amount and information? Thank you. (P.S. - I know it's not cheap.)

Josue 5/18/23
Hello Stephen, Thank you for contacting Starlink Support. We have assisted you with this issue in the ticket called "V1 replacement cable". We will now close this ticket to keep our conversation in a single thread. When you have a chance, please take a look at the ticket called "V1 replacement cable" as there is required information from you needed. If you have any further questions, please reach out in the ticket called "V1 replacement cable". Thank you, Starlink Support

Josue 5/18/23
Hello Stephen, We will be replacing your Standard (Circular) Starlink with this next-generation Standard (Rectangular) Starlink. Standard (Rectangular) Starlink includes a 50ft Starlink cable and the mounts are not cross compatible. Before we move forward with placing this order for you, please give us more information on your set-up so we can ensure the transition to the Rectangular Starlink is as smooth as possible: -How is your Starlink installed/what mount do you currently use? Feel free to attach a picture for us to review. -Are you currently using the ethernet port on your WiFi router? We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Starlink Support

Stephen 5/18/23
Thanks so much! I attach two pictures of my sophisticated treated lumber mount. I am not using the AUX ethernet port. Obviously my internet access will be spotty but let me know if I need to do anything else.
mount.jpg mount2.jpg

Josue 5/18/23
Hello Stephen, Thank you for providing this information. The Starlink hardware is yours to keep, and can dispose of it as you see fit. We recommend contacting your local electronics store or recycling center to inquire on environmentally friendly disposal methods or nearby drop off locations. We have ordered a replacement Standard (Rectangular) Starlink kit at no cost to you (ORD-1764xxx9-xxxxx-xx), to be shipped to the shipping address on file. Once your hardware has shipped, you will be receiving an email notification with all the necessary tracking information. There is no further action needed from you. Thank you!
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Re: Kudos for Starlink support

Post by [Dimetrodon] »

Is Elon Musk going to buy phpBB.com or something? :lol:
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Re: Kudos for Starlink support

Post by Mick »

On top of the exceptional service, as above, we get free entertainment as well. I still can’t get used to the first stage landings, it’s an amazing site. NASA still can’t bring their boosters safely back to earth for reuse even after more than 60 years and a spend north of $650 billion.

Well done all round Starlink.

Edit: They just launched the 230th Falcon 9 Starlink mission to date, unbelievable.
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