BBCode for IG Images

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BBCode for IG Images

Post by Ea'rend¿l »


I just want to report a concern regarding the BBCode that we are using in posting IG images. The code is

Code: Select all

For so many years, this code works but around 3 months ago, it does not and we are getting this image every time we use the same code in our forum.


I’ve tried using different IG images just to check if it is just the restriction on IG side, but to no avail… I’m still getting the same error.

Hope you can help us about this.

Link of our forum:
Version: 3.0.11

Thank you.
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Re: BBCode for IG Images

Post by Mick »

The link doesn’t work on my test board either so I can only assume there’s something wrong with it.

Most people use the MediaEmbed extension these days, no need for Custom BBCodes just paste the link and it will embed. Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t support phpBB versions below 3.2 and you really need to upgrade.

Please note support for phpBB versions earlier than 3.2.0 has ended. Any support requests regarding those versions are limited to help with conversion to the latest version. If you would like help upgrading please post in support.
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