Email address as user name fault

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Email address as user name fault

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Hi all

The forum I am a moderator on has this issue.
PHP Version 7.2.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.15
I do not have full admin access.

Many new user account that are started have the email as the user name.
These accounts are marked as opened and do not appear on the inactive user list.
Clicking on the user in the members list and then "Administer user" I get
"No users fit the selected criteria."
Trying to open a new user account with one of these emails reports that that email is already used in the forum.

I can not delete or access these users in any way.

Please does anyone know what is going wrong?


My forum also had the forum out going email appear like it was blocked by for 7 days after one new user (.ru bot) had this in the ACP Maintenance / Error log email error report

X-AntiAbuse: Board servername - =?UTF-8?B?d3d3LmZyZWVzYXQuY24=?=
X-AntiAbuse: User_id - 1
X-AntiAbuse: Username - =?UTF-8?B?QW5vbnltb3Vz?=
X-AntiAbuse: User IP -
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