Investigate/Fix why our phpBB forum was disabled by hosting provider (Instability?)

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Investigate/Fix why our phpBB forum was disabled by hosting provider (Instability?)

Post by WilliamG »

Support needed to Investigate/Fix why our phpBB forum was disabled by hosting provider (Instability?)

Target audience: (e.g. professionals, hobbyists, students)

Needs to be >>experienced<< professionals support person with a demonstrated history of providing phpBB support and OS support

Obviously experienced with phpBB
Maybe upgrade phpBB to more recent version
Complete backup
Also experience with the host OS , ie linux needed
ie navigate file system , examine logs , edit files using vi or vim , linux admin , etc
First part of task would be to diagnose the problem and possible solutions ( with pros and cons)

Reward: (e. g. money, backlinks, fame)
Will be Paid. Exact rate to be discussed.

No particular deadline as forum is not high traffic.
But forum has been down for some weeks, however we would now like to get the forum back online "soon"

Preferred contact method: (e.g. PM, e-mail)

email me at peterxcollins @ yahoo com ( remove and add the obvious chars to get my email address )

Note as I am a new user here , I can not PM people yet, still on probation .....

Link to the board:
The website is
THe direct forum link is presently gives 404 as forum is disabled.....

Detailed description of the tasks:
I am not the admin or owner of the forum
My forum role is to to approve new users at our forum.
I have some technical experience with linux but not with phpBB , so this request may be written with some curious words or ways.

However the admin has asked me to find a suitable support person, hence me joining this forum and this request ( as they are extremely busy with other projects )

The hosting provider (dream host ) disabled the forum and sent a brief email

We do not know cause of problem? so it has been decided we want a professional paid person to diagnose the problem and solutions etc

I have included a copy of the email the admin person got , and was shared with us other support staff ...

This email is being sent to inform you that your site has been identified as a cause of instability on your shared web server.

To prevent your site from causing service issues for other users, we've had to temporarily disable it by renaming its directory. You can re-enable it by changing it back to the original directory name.

Please do not re-enable your site until you've had a chance to investigate and correct this issue. If your site continues to cause instability for other customers, we may be forced to disable it in a more permanent manner until we're able to verify that the issues are resolved.

While we're unable to offer application-level support, you may want to look into options for optimizing your website to run more efficiently. For example, enabling and properly configuring caching can help quite a bit.

You may also want to block any abusive IPs hitting your site excessively, as they can drive up load on the server considerably. We've put together some documentation that will help you do just that: How do I Examine My Access Log

If you are unable to reduce the amount of resources your site requires to run smoothly, we recommend you consider upgrading to a Virtual Private Server from DreamHost. With a VPS you'll able to specify the amount of server resources you need to keep your site running smoothly:


please email at the email address provided above .....

End of Job description

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