can i convert MyBB 1.8.37 to phpbb3??

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can i convert MyBB 1.8.37 to phpbb3??

Post by djhans »

i want to move from MyBB forum to PHPBB forum but want to know if there is an converter for that option here???
thanks for the answer and possible option to move from mybb to phpbb.
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Re: can i convert MyBB 1.8.37 to phpbb3??

Post by Sniper_E »

Look at this post viewtopic.php?t=1641375 But the latest version I see is MyBB 1.6.x
You might have to look around for your 1.8.37 version. Someone else may be able to help you out with that. Time to search...
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Re: can i convert MyBB 1.8.37 to phpbb3??

Post by SciFiKriss1967 »

I do have the files to convert from 1.8 but can't find where I got it from! As I need to as I am trying to convert and reading through the 'How to' and one of the files is missing.
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Re: can i convert MyBB 1.8.37 to phpbb3??

Post by Mick »

Searching I found this: viewtopic.php?t=2431291

It does note the fact that you will probably have to convert to an earlier version of phpBB (3.1) as the converter is a bit old. Obviously the final goal would be to upgrade the phpBB conversion to 3.3 not 3.2 ;)
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