Problem with Founder Status

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Problem with Founder Status

Post by Grotto »

I have not managed a Forum for a long time. I'm testing out a new forum which they're not. I cannot dins a way of editing that or preventing new members getting the same status,, Help please,
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Re: Problem with Founder Status

Post by KevC »

You mean everyone is a founder? How are you determining that?

Founders can only be created or removed by other founders.
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Re: Problem with Founder Status

Post by warmweer »

Check the database, table _users, use sortorder descending on the field user_type
User_type =
3 = Founder
2 = bots
1 = activated registered users
0 = registered but not activated users

If there are more founders than yourself - change their user_type to 1 (except for someone you know has legitimate founder status.
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Re: Problem with Founder Status

Post by Mick »

What phpBB version are you using?
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