[3.3] internal neural network for auto-moderation bot

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[3.3] internal neural network for auto-moderation bot

Post by bbalex »

Hello everyone,

I've skimmed through most of the topics regarding neural network (NN) and machine laerning (ML) (most people call it "AI") and have not found any answer to my specific matter.

If the topic is at the wrong subforum, please move to the right one.
If the topic was already answered somewhere else please provide me a link.

My issue is as follows:

I am administering a forum which is more than two decades old and has a number of posts in the range of millions.
It is a purely technology related forum, but has two subforums, where it is "allowed" to post more freely and talk about other things than the main tech topics.
It has few moderators and many active users posting daily in over 50 topics.
In short: It is very active.
But we have issues with moderating, to be honest it is overly straining.
The forum is also fully public, which puts more pressure on the mods and admin to remove illicit or illegal content.
So I came up with the idea to moderate the forum with the help of ML and a NN.
My idea roughly is:
I train a NN with the posts and contents of the forum, excluding the categories which are not about the main tech topics.
If a user posts a new post, he may get a notice when:
A) There is already a similar or identical topic -> thus preventing double posts.
B) the post's content is not about the main tech topic, for example: abuse or aggressive content, rants, extreme political views (or politics and propaganda in general) and so on...
Shortly said: I am looking for an auto-moderation bot, which trains itself from the forum's data and content.

I explicitly do not want to depend on any external "general AI"-system, like OpenAI or any other of those, but want to host the bot and NN myself.
It could be running as a PHP extension within the forum architecture or it could be an external bot on another of my servers which is watching, reading and having the permission to post or perform certain moderation tasks. Of course always reviewed by a human admin or moderator who may reverse any bot action or erase bot comments.

The bot could also answer to the first post, instead of giving a notice before posting the first post. That would be more liberal and less restrictive, and possibly the only way to include an externally hosted NN-bot.

Can someone point me in the right direction or am I the first admin to wish for an auto-moderator bot based on a forum-internal NN?

Thanks to all for reading and discussing this!

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