Logo is not appearing

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Logo is not appearing

Post by honestzed »

Hi all, I just set up a new board and I am using the flat-style-red style. I wanted to remove the phpBB logo from the top of the board and replace it with my website's logo. Since the phpBB logo is a 200 x 68 .png file, I saved my logo in this same format. I then ftp'd the new logo as: site_logo.png which is the name the original logo was saved under.

After doing this, the logo at the header area of the forum appears blank now.

I tried redoing this a couple times, but no logo appears. I don't understand why? I have not altered the colour.css or common.css template. The new logo is definitely a 200 x 68 pixel size, saved as .png, and named site_logo.png

If I type in the URL of the logo it appears fine in the web browser.

Any ideas why this is happening?
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Re: Logo is not appearing

Post by SpIdErPiGgY »

Clear the forum cache
+ ctrl F5 to clear the browser cache
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