After Years of Perfection, Now #$%^&

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After Years of Perfection, Now #$%^&

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To be honest I do not know what is wrong with my forum. I've got a library of PDF documents on the site and MP3 files with a limited (auto-prune) lifespan of 30 days and then they're gone. Every time I try to upload (for instance) a new MP3 file, it times out and stops and signs me out. I can upload [small] PDF documents with little problem but that is it. As has happened, sometimes if I have no activity over a couple of weeks, I am able to upload a file but not on a regular basis. I don't know where to look. PS: I have no problems downloading files from the board.
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Re: After Years of Perfection, Now #$%^&

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Please note that phpBB Discussion is not for support or problems with your board so I've moved it to our [3.3.x] Support Forum.

Regarding your specific problem, is this a continuation of your other topic from a few months ago? Time Out and Disconnect When Uploading Files

Lastly, please fill out the Support Request Template and post it back here to enable us to assist you better.

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Re: After Years of Perfection, Now #$%^&

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The maximum file size limit on your server has probably been changed.

Check with your hosting provider this limit.

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