delete over 5000 spammers

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delete over 5000 spammers

Post by beer1952 »

Hello users,

I run a website, style Rock 'n Roll 3.3 with a forum.
For new registered members for the forum, the first 2 messages must be approved by me.
Since I've been on vacation, I discovered that there are over 5000 spammers with a msge waiting for my approval.
Obviously, I started changing the register spam prevention.
But now I want to delete these spammers/messages.
On the moderator page there are more than 190 pages and I can't select more messages.
So deleting these spammers is painstaking.
On the admin page, I cannot find the mode to delete all these spammers at the same time either.
Does anyone have a clue how to delete this batch all together at the same time?
And prevent these spammers from using the forum again?
I know I can ban them but only individually.
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Re: delete over 5000 spammers

Post by KevC »

See How to clean up a board hit by spam for some suggestions.
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Re: delete over 5000 spammers

Post by dave2565 »

If you go to users and groups in ACP then Prune users, you can specify the dates of the when members joined.
You could insert the dates to select members who joined while you were on holiday.

Also try using Q&A anti-spam with a question like 'What are the second and five letters of the second word in the title of the forum?'
This works well because it needs to be a question that you can't google to find an answer.


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