How to delete deleted posts that do appear in profile search

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How to delete deleted posts that do appear in profile search

Post by wonder_wonder »

First of all, excuse my English, and I don't really know how to explain this.

I converted a forum to phpbb, everything was fine, but due to a plugin that I had installed in the previous forum, I think what I explained to you happens.

Well, my profile, for example, previously appeared with 17k posts, I had the "great" idea of clicking on "Synchronize message count" and it increased my total posts to 22k!!!

I have searched for my posts by clicking on my nickname and showing my messages, and I have seen messages like these:


It has no forum, no topics or visits, and -1 appears in the number of replies.
Obviously, if I click on Jumt to post, it indicates that this topic does not exist.
But... on the left side of these messages, content does appear.
So the post is in the database...
That plugin created a post for each new user registration, but there were several types of posts, and I just saw that those that do not exist are the ones that were not published, but now, added ones are here (that's why those tons of messages in my profile).

Here my doubt; Would there be any way to clean that? With some SQL query that looks at topics or posts with replies -1 (to give an example) perhaps I am saying something crazy.

I did not backup the database before clicking on "Synchronize message count" and I do not like such a high number of posts appearing in my profile, when they are not correct, and...that they are taking up space in the database of data unnecessarily.

Obviously, before doing any SQL query, backup the database, but I can't think of how to clean it...

I'm running STK 3.2 and I've searched for Orphaned Posts, and this is what I see:
"Posts not attached to the forums

These messages are not attached to a specific forum, so it is considered that they are not attached to specific topics. Specify a new topic ID to have the post attached to that topic."

It takes about half an hour and continues loading, this confirms what I thought, it is the "fault" of the plugin I had, they are automatic messages, I had configured 5 automatic messages for new registered users, but only one was posted, I am seeing that, for each post that was published, the other 4 are in this state, so somehow, either the converter caught them (that could be it) or...

The fact is that STK gives me the option to specify a new topic ID, it is a solution, I create a topic, I indicate that ID and then I delete it. But... I can't made this, I can't specify the ID topic to a be possible thousands of messages....

Any other solution that occurs to you?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to delete deleted posts that do appear in profile search

Post by wonder_wonder »

I post again instead of editing in case, some "master" of the forum has read, if I edit, it is not seen, when posting again yes.

I left STK for hours looking for orphan posts, and as I imagined, it ended but the browser couldn't reach the end and show me the options.

I confirm what I assumed, they are posts that were not published in the previous forum and are not assigned to anything.

Through phpmyadmin, filtering by topic id, I found them, they are these:


And this is where my idea comes from:
If I delete them directly from the database?
They are not assigned to any topic id or anything, if they have a post_username, it is the only thing they have (my nickname) but it has nothing else.
I don't know if it's a good idea, bad idea....

At the moment I have the forum closed, I made a database backup because I launched the stk again with a previous server restart to see if the browser now ends up showing me options...

Thank you.

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