How to use the original mime-type for mp3 files?

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How to use the original mime-type for mp3 files?

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Please describe your problem. I have an mp3 player html5 based that turns uploaded mp3 files into a player.
It works perfectly almost everywhere, but on the MACOS (only in Safari) and iOS (all browsers), they do not playback.

It seems the issue is due to the mime-type not being "mpeg/audio", but as always except for images octet-stream.
So to test, and taking into considerations potential secutory issues, I would like to have downloads having a HTTP header with the mime-type stored in the attachments table (or at least for mp3 files).

I tried it by disabling this part in functions_download.php

Code: Select all

// Correct the mime type - we force application/octetstream for all files, except images
// Please do not change this, it is a security precaution
if ($category != ATTACHMENT_CATEGORY_IMAGE || strpos($attachment['mimetype'], 'image') !== 0)
$attachment['mimetype'] = (strpos(strtolower($user->browser), 'msie') !== false || strpos(strtolower($user->browser), 'opera') !== false) ? 'application/octetstream' : 'application/octet-stream';
but downloads still had the octetstream mimetype, so might be missing something?

Here an example post where you see the players:
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Re: How to use the original mime-type for mp3 files?

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There is a topic discussing this here.
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