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User Customized Styles

Post by Times Enemy »

Is it possible for a style to have a configuration page, similar to an extension?

I would like for a style to allow me to upload a logo, ask me about meta description(s), allow me to modify the color theme form a drop-down list, et cetera.

If this already exists, please let me know which style does it so I can look at how they did it and replicate it in my own styles.

If this has not been done but is possible, please let me know how, or at least point me in the right direction.

EDIT: Just had an idea, if this is not currently possible, then what about if there was an extension to go with the style? So, install the style, it works fine and dandy, but install the extension to customize the style.
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Re: User Customized Styles

Post by Mannix_ »

It can only be done with extension. I know that Milk_v2 has an extension like that but that is a paid style
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