get recent posts without being logged-in user

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get recent posts without being logged-in user

Post by poweruser »

years ago, on phpbb boards I was able to start unlimited searches for unlimited new/recent posts.
Just to see all new posts. ALL. Unlimited. amount.

Since a few years I (as normal user of a forum/board) I can only get a limited amount of recent posts.
If I login again or an error happens with the cookies, I get "0". (in words to read clearly: ZERO)
But there are. I am sure. (as I can see/get, if I search for "unread topics" [is this search also limited? (not tested yet)]

What sense does this function have? - serving newposts one time (you are logged) only.


"you have Zero Posts" - the next after logging in call.

Is there (legal) search parameter to read new posts after a fist and only time? (even if logged-out or - getting new posts more more than once, logged in)
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Re: get recent posts without being logged-in user

Post by Brf »

"New Posts" are those made since your last login, so it is undefined if you are not logged in.
Those who are not logged in can use "Active Topics"

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