Doubt about Password Complexity

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Doubt about Password Complexity

Post by Tarantino »

Hi there, if I change the password complexity or number of chars required or password strength or even how many days to force password change, will any of those changes automatically force all users to change their passwords?

For some reason many of my users, not all for sure, when they try to login it says wrong password. Dunno why this is happening. I add 2 years for forcing password change and changed the number of chars from 6 to 10 and the complexity to mixed chars.
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Re: Doubt about Password Complexity

Post by danieltj »

Changing the password requirements of your board doesn't force users to update their passwords as far as I know. They'll just need to adhere to the new requirements if they decide to change their password after the requirements have been updated.
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Re: Doubt about Password Complexity

Post by Crizzo »

You can force your users to renew their password. Then and only then, the new settings of complexity will affect them.
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