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This forum is now closed as part of retiring phpBB2.
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This forum is now closed due to phpBB2.0 being retired.
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New Forum Name

Post by wGEric » Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:55 pm

You will notice that this forum now has a new name. It will no longer be called the MOD Authors Support forum but the MOD Writers Discussion. This change will hopefully reduce the amount of posts that don't belong here and increase the amount of posts that we would like to see here.

This forum can be used to ask about ideas on how to develop certain parts of your MOD or to get help with the actual code that is required to do what you want.

You should have the basic understanding of PHP and SQL before asking for help in here. You shouldn't use this forum to get taught how to write PHP. There are plenty of other resources out there for you to use.

Like before, asking for Support on installing or using a MOD won't be allowed in this forum. Support for a MOD needs to be asked in its topic here at That topic can either be in the MOD Development forum or the MOD Release forum. If you got the MOD at a different site, you will need to ask at that site or contact the author in some way.

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