Happy 5th Birthday phpBB!

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Happy 5th Birthday phpBB!

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Five years ago today phpBB was born through the fingers (eew!) of James Atkinson (theFinn) when he put together the first few lines of code that would ultimately become version 1.0. Since that time people have come and gone as have other forum systems! James and indeed the rest of us were told on repeated occassions "You won't last", "You'll be gone in a year", "phpBB won't survive". Yet, five years later we're still here and arguably the most popular PHP based bulletin board application on the internet.

So, everyone raise a glass (or can, bucket, shoe, whatever) to phpBB's 5th birthday. And from us a big thank you to the community for staying with us. Things may have gotten delayed but we're still in the game and more popular than ever. And I fully expect us to be raising a glass to phpBB's 10th birthday in five years time!
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