Hosts banning phpBB 2.0.x ...

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Hosts banning phpBB 2.0.x ...

Post by psoTFX » Mon Jul 04, 2005 10:22 am

It's been brought to our attention over recent weeks that some hosts are banning or disuading the use of phpBB (sometimes involving fees for conversion to other boards). This is unfortunate for everyone and seems largely to be based on FUD.

While phpBB has and no doubt will continue to suffer from exploits (show me a piece of software that doesn't!) we have consistently addressed such issues very quickly. Equally some hosts are doubtles blaming phpBB for exploited systems when in fact the actual culprit is one of the many other apps which have suffered recent major or significant issues (vB, AWStats, etc.).

I would appreciate it if anyone affected by hosts taking such actions would contact me with relevant details and if possible a contact point.

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